A Book Of Recent History


silver, posters


Part of Collective Remains of the Feast

May 2018 - Romanian Design Week
Oct 2018 - Joya (Barcelona)
Mar 2018 - Artistar (Milan)
May 2018 - Athens Jewellery Week
May 2019 - Legnica Jewellery Week
Nov 2019 - Museum of Contemporary Art (Arad)
Mar 2023 - Romanian National Literature Museum


Ioana Cristina Casapu, Mihaela Caravan


Ira Efremova, Laurian Ghinitoiu

In a vibrant, Babylon-like city as Berlin, events of all kinds are an integral part of the busy and colourful social scene.

Street billboards become the canvas for countless sheets of paper advertising as many cultural events. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours for a poster to be covered by another one, thus building up a progressively thicker pile of glued, unreadable and uninteresting book of recent history.

Creating a parallel between emotional waste in today’s declining relational culture and physical waste of resources, time and energy in big cities, Fast Art translates residue into wearable objects which foster the preservation of sensory awareness and visual memories.

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